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How to install UPVC roof correctly

1.Products under the Baoyen brand Whole roof sheet Roof splicing and accessories, such as a flute, o-ring or waterproof sheet, cap, screw cap, as well as screw thread. Through design, research, development and practical testing until the quality is assured

2. The slope angle of normal roof is 15 degrees in case of lower slope angle. Polyurethane or silicone glue or roofing adhesive or 3mm thick foam board are required to prevent water reflux.

3. The roof should be cleaned before and after installation.

4. As all solids are heated, they will expand. Therefore, the roof holes must be drilled perpendicular to the purlin or roof sheet. And to have a diameter larger than the screw thread at least 3.0 mm in order to have a shrinkage expansion that may cause the roof to rub against. The elephant is pregnant or may be deformed. Baoyen screw threads were designed for this reason.

5.Tighten the screw thread to fit the roof tile. Do not over tighten. Because it may cause the roof to cause stress to crack at this location later Therefore, the drill bit must have a steel bar as a jig.

6.Use 5 sets of roof mounting accessories as shown in Figure 1 per square meter to ensure the wind load which can handle 10 times more wind load per point

7. At batten first and last row It is necessary to fix a screw in every cell. Including all panels with overlapping stages

8. The overlap distance for splicing must not be less than 200 mm. And the overlap to connect width must not be less than 1 wave. Used for roofs or 3 mm. Thick foam sheets, connecting the overlap to prevent water reflux

9. At a position with 4 consecutive overlapping layers, the middle two layers should be cut diagonally so that only three layers are left. So as not to have too much thickness from the overlap And use polyurethane glue Or good silicone to seal the sealing joints to prevent leakage

10. Where the roof sheet is adjacent to the obstruction of expansion Such as building walls The space for the roof sheet should be expanded approximately 3 mm. And the roof sheet should be cut to every position of the sheet evenly from the wall. To help increase waterproofing, apply Baoyen's polyurethane sealant along the wave.

11.Check the direction of the wind and rain In order to set the direction of overlapping waves, avoiding the wind direction

12. To avoid damage, the roof should not be installed while the roof structure is not plane or deformed.

13. Do not bring concentrated alkaline solution to direct contact with roof surface.

14. Be careful of sparks caused by welding iron. Metal grinding is dropped onto the roof. Will cause damage or lack of beauty on the roof

15. Installation should walk on the plank across the roof purlin. And do not step on the ridge And on the distance between the purlin

16. Make sure before and after installation. Test simulated rain by spraying water in all directions.

17. Important in case of installing the roof is a closed system (Install ceiling under the roof) must provide air vents or exhaust fans. For ventilation, heat accumulates under the roof to prevent the roof from getting hot for too long. Until it may cause the roof to be deformed

How to install UPVC and SPVC roofs

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